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Luxury Villas vs Ηotels


10 reasons why a luxury villa is the best choice for you!

Luxury villa rentals are a global trend in the tourism industry offering privacy, quality, and the comforts of home all in one! More than that, staying in a luxury villa is a dream come true for many people; everybody has stayed in a hotel, after all!

Not to badmouth hotels; hotels are great, five star-hotels in particular offer excellent services, style, and are often in wonderful locations. Here are ten points where a luxury villa beats a five-star hotel every time:


It’s just you and your people in a superior, large estate. If you are a VIP, or even if you are not one, you will appreciate not having to co-exist with strangers. No waiting in line at the buffet, no crowds around the swimming pool, no weird looks, no-one listening in on your conversations or checking your comings and goings.


Space is a luxury in itself. Even a hotel suite cannot compare to the space a villa provides for a holiday. Living-rooms, dining-rooms, lounges, kitchens, sitting rooms, not to mention the outdoor spaces a Greek luxury villa provides – and, surely, very few five star-hotel rooms come with terraces!


A hotel stay is lively and can be fun, but it’s also noisy, and you don’t have to be sensitive to find that annoying. A villa limits the fuss to just you and your group, allowing you to spend a night in serenity looking at the stars, enjoy the sound of the waves, and sleep in peace!


Villas are a little heaven for children, since they can run around the premises, play and have fun like they do at home! It’s also great for the parents, because it is safer, they can easily keep an eye on the kids, plus they do not have to worry about the children disturbing anyone! Not to mention preparing their food and keeping their nap and eating schedule is never a problem!

5.Large groups

When planning a vacation for friends or family, a villa is the best choice! It can accommodate a large group of people and it provides all the common areas where they can get together, share meals, have fun and create new precious memories!


Villas are the top choice for people organizing a special event on a holiday destination. A wedding or an anniversary organized at a luxury villa is ultra stylish, very private and absolutely memorable. More than that, it is truly heart-warming, because people come together in the villa for some days and share an experience, not just an event.

7.Custom-made holiday

In a villa, you keep your own hours. In a villa in Mykonos, for example, you can start getting ready to go clubbing after 1 a.m. and go to bed at 9 in the morning!

In a villa, you can use the pool at midnight. In a villa, you can keep your diet, and your workout schedule. In a villa, you can listen to music at 2 a.m. or put the kids to bed at eight o’clock! A villa holiday provides everything for a custom-made vacation, including any concierge services you may wish for: a private chef, a yoga instructor, a yacht-cruise or organizing a party, that’s all possible by the VILLABEAT Concierge Team!


Inviting friends over is not something you can do in a hotel room! A villa promotes socializing beyond the obvious fact of sharing a residence with people you care about. If you plan to entertain, have a dinner party, or just friends at the pool, a villa is the best place to do that!


In many cases, the cost of renting a luxury villa is lower than that of booking the equivalent rooms in a luxury hotel. Plus, with the space, the privacy and the comfort it provides it has a much higher value for money!


The architectural design, the interior decoration, the views and the amenities a villa provides are superior. Choosing a five star hotel according to your taste is not that easy, finding the magnificent villa of your dreams is a piece of cake! Browse through VILLABEAT’s incredible luxury villa portfolio in Greece here!