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Antiparos is the younger, trendier sister of Paros, a whitewashed paradise of sandy beaches where the living is easy. It has had a stylish bo-ho flair, long before bo-ho was in fashion! Although it’s been discovered as a jetsetter destination lately, Antiparos still retains its authenticity.

A small island that is easy to explore, Antiparos is ideal for a holiday of relaxing, swimming and unwinding. As you approach the harbour, you are welcomed the church of Agia Marina, the windmill, and the cubic little houses of the village. The Chora, built around a 15th century Venetian castle, is in the traditional Cycladic architecture: stone-paved streets, minimalist simplicity, whitewashed houses with splashes of color from bougainvillea trees, and the square of Agios Nikolaos, the meeting point for both locals and holidaymakers. The Chora is the center of activities, where you can find fresh fruit stands, tasteful shops, tavernas and numerous nightspots.

With a coastline of 57 kilometres, Antiparos is lined with many beautiful beaches. One side of the island is embraced by tranquil waters with golden sandy beaches, while the other by vertical crags with caves chiselled by the open sea and the winds. Some of them are organized while others are almost private. Some are blue while some are turquoise. Some are nudist-friendly while others are ideal for families. One is perfect for the sunset, it’s Sifneiko or Sunset beach!

Things to do:

  • Visit the island of DespotikoFrom Ai Yiorgis, there are boats to some close uninhabited islands with wonderful beaches. Despotiko is the most imposing one, since there are pieces of antiquity scattered around everywhere, and excavations keep, bringing amazing finds to light. Besides its archaeological secrets, the island also  : «conceals» very beautiful beaches.
  • Visit the Cave of Antiparos. It is truly enchanting and also historically important. People have been coming here since the Stone Age, and there have been findings to prove it! Also, the huge stalagmite found at the entrance of the cave, ‘The Huge Central Column’ is the 45 million years old, the most ancient in Europe!
  • Take a day cruise! There are organized excursions lasting from a few hours to the whole day that can take you around the secret unexplored beaches and caves of the island, to other islets, or even to neighbouring Cycladic isles, such as Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, and Santorini!
  • Taste the fresh fish and the famous grilled octopus!

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