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Located in the heart of the Cyclades, Paros is an island of great beauty and warm local character, a perfect destination for anyone. A favourite vacation spot of the Greeks for decades, Paros is currently being re-discovered by the world, for its incredible beaches, its striking white villages – Parian-marble white, one could say – and its diverse entertainment options.

Paros is all about purity and simplicity. The sun shines warm upon the vineyards, the Aegean winds cleanse the soul, basil and spearmint bloom on balcony flower pots… the traditional architecture of whitewashed cubic houses is a study in minimalism itself!

Paroikia is the capital and port of the island, a busy, happy place where you can wander around the narrow streets, go shopping, sample some great local cuisine and admire the wonderful houses and mansions of Cycladic and neoclassical architecture.

However, it is the little port of Naoussa that will astound you: a traditional fishing village brimming with color and life, especially at night! A great place to enjoy an ouzo by day, or go clubbing after the sun sets, this is probably the quaintest prettiest spot in the whole of the Cyclades!

Lefkes is an inland picturesque village situated on the highest point of the island among rich vegetation. It offers excellent views to the Aegean as well as some excellent local delicacies in its tavernas!

Paros has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Greek islands. There are many, some famous and busy, some secluded, and it may take someone weeks to discover them all! The most impressive ones, however, are:

Kolimbithres - with impressive rock formations that divide the beach into a succession of little sandy coves!

Monastiri  - a small sandy beach with shallow, aquamarine water, enclosed by rocks.

Punda a beautiful small beach with tropical flair, beach bars, a swimming pool, fun, certainly the party beach of the island.

Golden Beach and New Golden Beach are a paradise for windsurfing and kite surfing lovers.

Things to do:

  • Pay a visit at the wonderful 6th century church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani - the pride and joy of the locals that hosts a famous religious festival every August 15th.  The "Church of the hundred doors" is said to have been founded by Saint Helen, the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.
  • Visit the Castle of Paroikia. You will not only adore the panoramic views, but also discover a whole neighbourhood of picturesque houses built around the ruins and the tower of a Venetian castle, built in 1260, on the location of the ancient acropolis. 
  • ​Visit the Valley of the Butterflies near the village of Psychopiana, an area of stunning natural beauty, with running waters and lush vegetation, which fills with butterflies looking for mates during the summer.
  • Go horse-riding on the beach! There are two horse riding centers in Paros, at Ambelas and Ysterni. It’s going to be fun, but also a great way to discover the secrets of the island!
  • ​Take a day trip to Antiparos, the lovely little island close to Paros.

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